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Drop by our self-serve farmstand for fresh, local produce, and flowers! 

The farmstand is located at the front of the farm (3840 W. 38th St. Anderson) and is self-serve with a cash honesty box or Venmo scan for payment. The stand is open daily, dawn to dusk. In the spring (mid-April through early-June) the stand is stocked with our hand-snapped asparagus, spring flower bouquets, veggie plant starts, local honey, and jam. During the summer months (mid-July through mid-October), the stand is replenished daily with fresh vegetables, cut flower bouquets, baked goods, local honey, and jam.


Hand selected produce

It is our joy and passion to grow produce and flowers for you to enjoy! Our 5-acre farm is planted to produce as much as we can using growing techniques that are good for both our family and the environment. We hand harvest all of our crops (including asparagus!) and are continuously on the hunt for new and interesting varieties to add to our selection.

It is our goal to produce a majority of the product we sell. While our 5-acre farm is intensively planted to grow as much as we can, we also provide locally sourced produce on our farmstand to increase our product variety and ensure we stay fully stocked. It’s important to us to provide the freshest produce, so we always source local products grown within a 100-mile radius. Local honey is sourced through our friends at Bethel Farms, which is located 4 miles away.

Locally Produced
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